About The Book

This book is a mix of beautiful photographs and informative text. My Passion for Akhaltekes  shows how devoted the author is to horses of the said breed. The book contains various articles about them.

This personal book shows the true beauty of the Akhalteke breed and how majestic they are. All the horses photographed in this book are bred by Tito Pontecorvo, and all of his writings are out of his personal experience in breeding horses.

The book is written in 2 languages – English and Russian.

About the Author

Tito Nils Pontecorvo was born in Canada and is a Russian and Canadian citizen. In 1969, he graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in oceanography. He worked for ten years as the chief of the Hawaiian Science Research in the Oceanographic expeditions.

In 1979, on the basis of scientific materials collected by him in the expeditions, he developed a PhD thesis from which the results are recognized as a classic scientific discovery.

From 1979 to present time, he continues breeding Akhalteke horses.

About The Photographers

I want to express my admiration for the infinite number of photographs of horses and deep gratitude to the people who filmed these pictures and give their consent to their use- U.Kuznetsova, O.Itina, J.Drake, K.-J.Stewart, B.Sellman, N.Tarasova, F.Floen, A.Luschnath Gebel, W.Lockhart, J.A.Krienke, C.Rawski, R.Dorsch, K.Ardiel, W.Askins, E.N.Chen-Walsh, M.Tudyk, V.Grishutina, P. Case, U. Ruppelt, S.-M. Thibault and S. Gontcharenko

The photos which do not have the information about the photographer are made by T.Pontecorvo.

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